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it is 2016 after all
It has been ages since I posted in LJ. I have a collection of other blogs in blogspot and wordpress - I stay in it for a month then forget all about it. Then when something extravagant happens, I go back to it to wright down mythoughts. Maybe I should just go back here. This old, tried, and tested space of mine in the WWW. A bunch of people know about this but probably nobody ever checks LJ anymore (hmm?). Interface has changed definitely (I guess I would be scared if it didnt change?).

Anyway, as a continuation to my last post, I am entering my 9th year in the company (gasp!).  And I really did injustice to myself for staying too long in one place. A part of me has died - if I look back today 9 years ago, I will ask: What happened to that Ina? And so this 2016 will be a year of changes. These are full changes: my soul, my body, my mind, my work, my pace, my decisions. There are things in mind that can easily be put back together (cutting my hair really short) but there are other things that can never be changed and will leave a mark forever. Those things are scarier definitly, but I have it in my mind. I've started with very small baby steps. But at some point I will need to make a leap. It feels like it will be a leap into darkness slash lightness. The leap itself will be a choice, but everything else related to it (what, when, where, how, who). I think I am ready. I think I was ready for a while now, I just needed to be woken up. Some things starting last year fell into place.

That's just a small bit of how I am feeling right at this very moment.

PS. I am at work. Taking a 10 min break.


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