Theme From an Imaginary Film: A JOURNEY.

It's all a crazy joke

extreme emotions
Just some thoughts after not writing again.

There is someone. (this is as open-ended as anyone can get)

Anyway I don't think I've liked anyone as much as him. 

This week and last week has been full of extreme emotions. I've had my fair share of tears of extreme frustration and sadness and i've also had such happy happy smiles. This week i've had a glimpse of a very sad nature of man (i don't ever wish to go there..please). I've been touched by such a generous act that i can almost call it beautiful. I also recently learned of very sad news which is heavy on my heart.

But the thing that stands out, i guess, is the was someone can make me feel. I had almost forgotten this. Everything that has been sleeping inside of me has just woken up. And it is really nice.

And about a project that my 2011 is all about, well -- it is moving. Although very slowly and at present still in the shadows... it is moving. That is all i can hope for at the moment.

And that is about it for updates.

Now, i kinda wish i had my own laptop to keep these thoughts. maybe  to get one?...since i may be needing it in the near future. *Hint. Hint.

A Park in My Head

I was reading a report and writing an analysis while listening to some conversation on the radio when I suddenly remembered that time in Perpignan when I stayed in a hostel far from the center of the town and when before going to the train station the next day, I waited it out in the park. It felt like a poor part of town and I was maybe 70% afraid. I can see it all so clearly in my head right now. As if I were there. As if I just did a time and soul travel.

Thursday Horoscope
And very timely, methinks:

Although you may not be able to stay focused today, you should be able to get by if you remember to be practical every time you need to make a choice. Your tendency now is to turn molehills into mountains and to believe that a mediocre idea is worth a million dollars. Don't get distracted by illusions of grandeur; instead of spending your time planning world domination, keep your feet on the ground and make sure to meet all of your obligations.

Black Tangled Heart
I wish..... I could tell you...... My secret.........

I bought Paotsin today, you know the one they used to have in the Caf and which was asked to close down cos of supposed food poisoning? Well, I knew it was risky business buying but I did anyway, and it was terrible. The rice tasted bad, my friend agreed with me. And the siomai was just plain bad.


Major blooper: my roomies and I were supposed to go to Trivia Night this week. Either Tuesday @ 121 or Wednesday @ Murphy's. Looks like i got it wrong because BOTH hold their trivia nights on Tuesdays. We missed it then.


Back to work. I am really really starting to tire of my work.

Pepperming Mocha
I got myself some Starbucks Peppermint Mocha this morning. It's gone cold but I'm still enjoying it. Tastes like the holidays.

Work has in store for me some 7,107 things to do. Nothing new and I can go one complaining about this forever. But i wont. Instead, I shall say over here that it's a pretty day and i hope things go nicely. I'm kinda scared about some things I am feeling right now cos I know that in the end i'm just gonna get hurt. So, don't nalang right? :( But then, WHY?

I decided on something last night. Something work-related. But there is something I am trying to achieve, and it is life-related. As in the past, I'm cramming it all, and during the holidays, again. I hope I know what i'm doing.

December 2010, recap, etc etc. Hello LJ!
It's been ages since i've written in this blog.

Two week-ends ago was Manila Spirits 2010. I played with Ridiculously Gorgeous for the all-women division and we finished 5th. I played with Disc Knights for the mixed division and we finished 7th under Pool A. My team Kayu won first runner up under Pool D. Losing against Week-end Karma at the universal point. That one point meant the championship. But this being our first time at Spirits, we thought it was a wonderful finish!

I school bus-ed with Bossing Papi Stippy early Friday to reach the 8am games at Clark. The whole team stayed at Mimosa c/o BP. It was a riot, three whole nights with the team. Riot, riot, riot and not going into details. Anyway. Spirits was a crazy place to be, i had a DK team mate who looked like an old teacher of mine. And then this boy who had the same name as me. And then crazy thing that made me snap my fingers and say, "oh, right. oh no!" Figure that out kiddos!

From Spirits 2010
* Me alongside the boys and girls of Disc Knights.

Friday night i had Japanese curry. Saturday lunch i had the raw kind and ramen. Hello!

This week-end was so full. I was supposed to go to Nelle's bridal shower on Saturday, but nobody who was going to the Kayu party was going so i couldnt go cos i'd get lost going to Orange's school for the party. And so I didnt make it to the shower. Will be going to the after party instead, next Sunday, which is also the most full day in the world! I also missed little Maya's birthday cos I was asleep Sunday afternoon.

Kayu party saw me and Cass beat Kaye and Crespo at the beer pong challenge. Whoohoo. We even had secret strategies. Haha. And coaches! Lol. I wore my katcha pants (or whatever). One guy said it looked like curtains. Boo him. Another guy said he loved and could he have it. And asked for it again before leaving. Haha. Well those are my pants which i love so no they arent going anywhere. After that party, i told myself that i'm never touching tequila and vodka again. Ever. I'm sticking to my beer which i love anyway.

From Kayu Christmas Party 2010
* Me and Cass for the win!

Slept over at orange's and left at about 7 am cos i had a brunch date with my roomies. We were supposed to do Apartment 1b our usual breakfast date place, but it was closed. Saw them parking so we kinda talked on the road and decided to UCC. But that was closed too. We decided to go to the Serendra and a whole bunch of restos were closed. I was thinking, WHAT?

We ended up at Mary Grace. I ordered Squash soup and a tomato spaghetti. Good thing the waiter came up to me when my spaghetti was suppsed to come saying that wala pala silang pasta na iyon. Good thing, because the soup made me full and i kinda had a bad hangover. And just felt lousy.

I was supposed to do Christmas shopping during the week end, it never happened. I have one million things to do at work (but i am writing) and one million things to do (outside of work, shopping, meeting friends, etc) and i need to Study. For something which i am choosing to do. Crossing my fingers. As of today i have no idea where to find the time. And another thing, there is somebody coming home.... i just had to put that.

This post is longer than usual with too much things messily put together. Oh well. Let's get it on.

(i notice i never write about the things i set out to, the essential things....) :D Ay nako. One thing i am going to say though is, I NEED TO STAY AWAY.

world cup 2010
when i noticed football -- im pretty sure it was during uefa champions league 2000 period. i was rooting for real madrid cos it was my brothers team. and during one of real's games i figured my favorite football player was iker casillas. and he's one of my favorite goalies. i like goalies. haha strange news from another star.

i remember the last world cup. the day of the finals was my first day in the farm. and marco the farmer picked me up from town then we drove up to his friends house also in town where there was a fiesta cos of the game and they lost to italy. we had food and beer. then we drove post-game to the mountains where i got the shock of my life scaling the mountains in pitch black to get to a room in the mountains. in the back of my head was: what in the world am i doing here?

this year, i came into the world cup not watching much football and not knowing the newer players. i came into the league rooting for spain cos they still had casillas. but i also saw the germany game against australia, where germany played really nicely. then i saw the brasil match against (who did they play against?), where they just had beautiful football all around. and then i saw spain against honduras with the so-many-chances. i still havent watched porto and argentina play. silang dalawa nalang.

definitely i would want spain and brasil in the final four.

I need to write cos i need to write. He is the boy from the arab strap. He is the one who i want to color my life with the chaos of trouble. This is different from all others, i'm afraid to say. This song really, is his. It's playing right now. It wasn't instantaneous, but it hasn't been a long time either. I am impatient to see him, and i'm glad for the excuse to see him and watch him. He doesnt know i do, but watch him. He trusts me which i like. He never fails to encourage me, which has won me over. This is just weird in ALL levels, i mean all, and i have no one to tell this to. This is a secret, maybe it is a secret between us? Maybe? Maybe? Please, maybe?! Hopefully! THAT'S WHY I AM SO IMPATIENT. Today's taking forever.


Tonight I want to run

Tonight I want to run away with you

Tonight I want to see you

Tonight and all other nights and all other days

And not just on week-ends

Not just during competition

Not just for an hour or two or three

Tonight I want to run and run and tire my legs out

Tire my lungs out

Tire myself out

And then maybe in my dreams I could be with you

Until the day it's become real

I will run


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