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Theme From an Imaginary Film: A JOURNEY.

It's all a crazy joke

"Je t'aime parce que j'avais fait un rêve, puis j'ai rencontré un roi, j'ai vendu des cristaux, j'ais traversé le désert, les clans sont entrés en guerre, et je suis venu près d'un puits pour savoir où habitait un Alchimiste. Je t'aime parce que toute l'univers a conspiré à me faire jusqu'à toi." - Paulo Coelho, l'Alchimiste

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I've met so much people who I know I may never meet again. These were special people, there were many of them who've changed my life in ways they can't imagine. They've given me more perspective on just about everything thats important, broadened my minds reach, my ability to accept and tolerate, showed me what it means to be and feel and say and try and do so many things, given me hope and laughter, talked to me in the most bizzare languages, loved me, helped me, smiled at me, protected me, pushed me on, laughed with and laughed at me. There were just SO MANY PEOPLE and there are still SO MANY PEOPLE and its just amazing. I've loved so much people. I wish i can re-meet everyone someday . . . everyone has made me so happy to be where i am now. This is so cliche but its a quote which makes the most sense to me at the moment: DONT BE SAD ITS OVER BE GLAD IT HAPPENED. And thats for EVERYTHING that happened. And thats for all the good and bad, because it is for everything i've done in the past that i'm where i am now, and where i am now, is a great place to be. NOW is such a great place to be. :))

IF YOU CAN SAY THAT, its wow. And you'll know what i'm talking about. i hope i'll always be able to be as optimistic as this and as happy as now. :)) And that i will always be able to say i'm happy to be where i'm at now, with no regrets. Its so liberating, so fresh, its incroyable.
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