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Seven Years

And so we find ourselves back in the same square. It has been six years since. This is the start of the seventh year. What do they say about seven years? Bad luck, I think, or good luck, or mirrors. Well, whatever, for me, seven years is long enough and seven years needs a change. The longest most people would spend in any one part of education would be about seven years - from grades one to seven. That never happened to me because I switched schools. Longest was five. So this is long enough.

Because I'm an honourable person, I am going to complete this last proxy season before I tender my resignation. I could do it right now in the middle of all this mess, but that wouldn't be an honourable thing to do. I'd be leaving my team and the people I have come to know (and respect) with a missing limb. I should have done it earlier. But in my case, the only option is to do it after proxy season. About June.

So what's next for me? Find another job and slave away? Figure out a business oportunity and take the plunge? Retreat from the world and be a hermit, a savage, an artist, what? Well whatever, the world is so open. I am not stuck. Nothing has made me stuck yet, I don't have a husband and kids to support and be with all day all year so the option is open. I just need to regain the confidence and the stride only a newly graduate has. It's time. Seven years has been long enough.


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